Reward Share Profit


Redeem your points for a dream , is now more easily and it is very worthwhile to get various prizes by simply changing your point . Please see the prize you will have ...

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Fast Moving Companies Awards 2014


Fast Moving Companies Awards 2014

The speed is in need of a business shall achieve greater success and ability to compete at a higher level.

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Peluang Bercuti Bersama


KELAYAKAN Jualan Peribadi Terkumpul minimum 25,200 PV = 12 pro stokis dalam Pelan Bonus B ATAU Jualan Peribadi Terkumpul minimum 4000 PV = 50 botol produk Maqui Berry Pelan Bonus C

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Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2013


In this commercialized society where deceits and frauds have tremendously impeded the comprehensive development of the entire industry, honesty of an enterprise has become increasingly important. Honesty represents the operating and managing style of an enterprise, its reputation as well as public image in the market. It is also a vital indicator when entrepreneurs choose their strategic partners or when consumers make their purchasing decisions. We look forward to building up an "Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Community", which will definitely benefit honest entrepreneurs.

To promote the reformation, renovation and computerization of pioneering enterprises so as to encourage the development and progress of other enterprises.

To enhance and promote the collaboration, information exchange and cooperation among enterprises within the Asia Pacific region.

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Get to know your customers better and explore the opportunities within internet and social network marketing with jutaone.asia.

Jutaone.asia is website exclusive to registered GMJ4U entrepreneurs. Join now!

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Road 2 disneyland


Want to take a trip to Disney Land Hong Kong this year? We'll pay for it! This year, GMJ4U wants to give you a chance to go on a holiday for FREE. What are you waiting for? Join us!

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RTM Programme: Biz Talk with GMJ4U.COM Mentor


RTM Programme Biz Talk screened a live interview on TV1 with a GMJ4U.COM Mentor on 21/08/2013, discussing his secret to success.

We are giving you a chance to succeed. You just have to be courageous enough to change your destiny with the help from field experts that are able to impart the best information and systems to ensure your success.

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Salam hormat kepada semua Usahawan GMJ4U.COM yang dikasihi,

Syarikat akan mula menangguhkan operasi bermula pada hari Selasa (06/08/2013) sehingga Rabu (14/08/2013) bagi Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2013 dan syarikat akan mula beroperasi seperti biasa pada hari khamis (15/08/2013).Pengeluaran BW ( Bonus Wallet ) yang di lakukan pada 05.08.13 hingga 11.08.13 akan di bayar masuk ke akaun bank pada 15.08.13.Harap Maklum.

Pihak Pengurusan Syarikat ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI dan MAAF ZAHIR BATIN kepada semua usahawan-usahawan dan warga kerja GMJ4U.COM.

Terima kasih.

Pengurusan GMJ Konsortium Sdn Bhd.

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